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Hi friend! You have landed in the art house of SpARTakos. The place to be for original wall art, textile and fabric prints and patterns, in maximalist sprinkles and pops of color. We are thrilled to have you with us. Enjoy!

No excuse for bullfights- And some historical truths

Socio- historical issues have always been a major concern of artists. A lot has been said through the ages about the controversial tradition of bullfights in hispanic cultures. The supporters of this brutal “game” claim it is deeply rooted in their tradition, going back to ancient times, during the Minoan times in Crete. So let’s break down the myth… In their attempt to justify  bullfights, the Spaniards sometimes invoke, as a starting point for bullfights, the celebrations with  bulls that took place in Minoan Crete(2000 BC-1450 BC). This belief is both historically and culturally inaccurate. In bullfights, when the bull […]

The future of the online art market – Interview with expert Karen Zadra

In this thriving digital age, the online art market is a very good example of a discipline- art- making the most of new technologies to further advance its outreach to the public. Now, more than ever, artists and art lovers alike are able to connect and interact in a global network of online art technology never before experienced. Today we’re honored to host an interview with expert Karen Zadra, co- founder of our partner itondo, an innovative iOS  art app, and gallery owner of Galerie Zadra, based in Australia and Luxemburg, to answer some common questions about online art and […]


The astonishing street art of Athens, Greece

Street art is thriving more than ever globally. From strictly graffiti tags and slogans to elaborate large scale murals, there is an insatiable need by artists to get public spaces to speak for their people. Why is there such a creative boom on the streets of Athens and what does it mean for the artists and city that hosts them? Athens is an eternal ‘street art’ city. It has been continuously inhabited for 6,000 years and was the cultural and social hub for ideas such as democracy and philosophy. The word graffiti derives from the greek word “graphi” which means […]

Praying Hands by Pavlos Tsakonas

Where art meets fashion: A brief history

Art is an interdisciplinary form of expression and fashion is one of the endless inspired gateways to express it. Besides, what else is fashion if not an urge to “decorate” the body, rather than a space. This interrelation has intrigued artists and fashion designers over the years, who by collaboration, have made wonders. In recent years their flirting with fashion has made a huge comeback, and has once again verified the dynamics of this fusion. Here are some highlights of the history of fashion and art: In 1937, Elsa Sciaparelli and Salvador Dalí collaborated in creating the Lobster dress, a […]

Brigitte Bardot in Paco Rabanne

What is the Golden Ratio?

It has captivated mathematicians, artists, designers, and scientists for centuries. It is also known as the Golden Section, Golden Mean, Divine Proportion or Greek letter Phi. The golden ratio  is a special number approximately equal to 1.618. It is a mathematical pattern, ever-present in nature that the human brain subconsciously recognizes as an expression of perfection. According to legend, the Greek Philosopher Pythagoras discovered the concept of harmony while he studied proportion by listening to the different sounds given off when the blacksmith’s hammers hit their anvils. Then, he moved to  study stringed instruments and the different sounds they produced. In […]

SpARTakos x From Hats to Heels fashion collaboration

Creating artwork is one thing. Printing it on quality garments is another. And teaming up with one of the coolest fashion bloggers to bring them to life is out of this world! Larissa Bruin, owner of the lifestyle blog From Hats to Heels had a go at trying on  two pieces  of SpARTakos’s collection , and this is the result. A wonderful fashion collaboration- thanks Larissa! To view Larissa’s original blog post on SpARTakos go to http://www.fromhatstoheels.com/when-digital-art-meets-fashion/ If you want to visit the SpARTakos collection go to http://shopvida.com/collections/spartakos Keep it real! The SpARTakos  team


Is digital art “real” art?

Digital art of all types is increasingly popular in our time. Which is normal because as technology advances, it has become an important part of our daily activity. New methods of creating art keep popping-up and artists can only be thrilled by this new path. After all, the core of art is to experiment, redefine, question and explore always, since the beginning of time. Obviously, as new art practices arise, the debate and polemic about them heat up as well, some ignorantly saying that it is “too easy” while  others make bad comparisons with traditional painting and photography. Although all […]

Welcome to the SpARTakos Artblog

We are happy to announce that our artblog is now active and running…Here, you will read posts about the art of SpARTakos and his news, updates and interests. We intend to be careful and consistent in creating quality content for our visitors. All posts are managed and written by us, his web team. He is just focused in creating artwork. Feel free to interact with us through our comments and contact forms. We’d love to hear from you… The SpARTakos web team

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