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As we’re well in the middle of springtime and the weather doesn’t seem to realize and get warmer ( yes, even in Greece…), we thought we might inject a splash of color today to make us all feel better. So, here is some recent digital art by SpARTakos, first time published. The series is focused on nature, perceived in a surreal, digital perspective. More details on the following wall art can be found at the portfolio section.

The tree of hope, SpARTakos, 2017

The tree of hope. SpARTakos,2017

Purple haze, SpARTakos, 2107

Purple Haze, SpARTakos, 2017.

Untitled, SpARTakos, 2017

Untitled, SpARTakos, 2017

Enjoy the rest of your spring..

The SpARTakos web team

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