3 Summer Favourite Spots

Living in Greece means summertime is an essential part of your life.

There are literally thousands of summer favorite spots to choose from and visit, in an amazing variety of landscapes.

The list is endless…

Here’s a few spots that inspire  SpARTakos  and some facts about them…

Navagio Beach , Zakynthos Island

The whole story here started in 1980, when a ship carrying an illegal cargo of cigarettes sunk due to terrible weather conditions.

At first, the locals feared environmental disaster, but when the ship was washed ashore, one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet was formed.

The beach, which is only accessible by boat, is of white sand and the waters remain amazingly crystal clear.

That, combined with the rusty look of the shipwreck on the sand, make Navagio a top destination.

The related artwork is called “The Other Side” as the photo was shot from inside the beach facing the sea.

Ierissos , Halkidiki

Halkidiki is on mainland Northern Greece and, although undiscovered by foreign visitors, has more than 70 beaches and breathtaking forests.

Greeks themselves consider the area a true gem.

Ierissos is an ancient city , called Akanthos back then, on the North East end of Halkidiki.

It is the birthplace of philosopher Aristotle and  a blessed place in terms of sea and mountains.

Unfortunately, there has been corporate gold mining activity recently, which brought the locals to protest continuously in order to save their homeland for future generations.

The related artwork is  called ” The Gold of Ierissos” as it shows a beach of the area and its true gold, the sun and the sea..

The Parthenon, Athens

The Parthenon in Athens is a true wonder of the world.

It was a temple dedicated to goddess Athena, patron of the city.

 Athena represents the universal human aspiration for wisdom and highest intellect.

Back in ancient times, the temple  hosted a huge statue of Athena made of ivory and gold.

It was also built to amazingly precise dimensions following the mathematical ratios of sacred geometry.

The related artwork is called “The Parthenon on Fire” as it tries to capture the energy of the place, still felt today, in color.

Fire is seen as a driving force, of powerful and immediate impact..

There will be more on places, ratios and energies coming up, so make sure you come back..

Keep it real!

The SpARTakos  team

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