Ethical Fashion Collection

Fashion is a form of art that has been inside SpARTakos’s areas of focus for quite some time. After he had had recurring ideas that some artwork would look great on clothes, we decided to make a deep dive search into the ocean of the fashion industry. Starting off  into producing fashion items through the paths of sustainable  or ethical fashion seemed right, combined with top quality materials and fabric printing.

This is why SpARTakos  decided to collaborate with VIDA, a San Francisco based clothes company who partner with designers from all over the globe to produce high quality arty clothes. Their social impact focus is literacy for life. The workers of the manufacturers learn how to read, write and perform basic maths.

Purchasing a scarf or top from the SpARTakos collection  means you help somebody in need receive literacy courses to improve their living standard…

You can view the full SpARTakos collection here:

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