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Athleisure Clothing 2018

Discover all new clothing designs for your athleisure and lazy lifestyle moments, fully printed and colorful on quality garments. Visit our Shop and be ready to hit the road!

The psychology of colors- Part one: Fashion

One of the first things a visitor notices about this art house is an artist celebrating color in its highest value. His visual focus in creating pieces of clothing is heavily based on the use of color and form. So, it was  a natural thing for us to investigate on […]

Fullprint clothes by SpARTakos

Where art meets fashion: A brief history

Art is an interdisciplinary form of expression and fashion is one of the endless inspired gateways to express it. Besides, what else is fashion if not an urge to “decorate” the body, rather than a space. This interrelation has intrigued artists and fashion designers over the years, who by collaboration, […]

Brigitte Bardot in Paco Rabanne

SpARTakos x Liveheroes urban wearable art

We are excited  to announce that the SpARTakos revised collection of casual wearable art is now live on Liveheroes. Form and color in casual art wear for that extra touch on anybody’s outfit. Make a statement on the street and showcase your personality. After all, we attract what we project, […]

SpARTakos logo on man's T-shirt

SpARTakos x From Hats to Heels fashion collaboration

Creating artwork is one thing. Printing it on quality garments is another. And teaming up with one of the coolest fashion bloggers to bring them to life is out of this world! Larissa Bruin, owner of the lifestyle blog From Hats to Heels had a go at trying on  two […]


Ethical Fashion Collection

Fashion is a form of art that has been inside SpARTakos’s areas of focus for quite some time. After he had had recurring ideas that some artwork would look great on clothes, we decided to make a deep dive search into the ocean of the fashion industry. Starting off  into […]

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