Meet SpARTakos

SpARTakos is a self-taught visual artist who creates original wall art and full print clothing.

He was born and raised in Greece, in the region of Thrace, the land of the historic Spartakos, hence the artistic name.

The real Spartakos (c.109 -71 BC) was enslaved by the Romans and fought as a gladiator in the roman arenas.

Quite surprisingly for that time in history, he managed to lead a major slave uprising against the Roman Empire.

This rebellion for freedom has been an inspiration through the ages.

The artistic name bears the meaning of liberation through art, since art is, in essence, revolutionary.

He has always felt better expressing himself visually rather that verbally.

His favorite quote when asked to talk about his work is:

“If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint”


“It’s all in the art”, he says and invites you to experience his visual language.

Inspiration comes from unexpected sources.

An image, a moment, a memory, a feeling in life can spark any visual artist’s creativity in ways that words cannot express.

“In art there is only one thing that counts; the thing you can’t explain”


SpARTakos currently focuses on fine art photography, digital art and full print clothing designs.

The initial image comes from photography, manual design, or sketches scanned and digitalized.

He takes a single photo, which he recreates, repainting a real subject or creates a piece of work from scratch.

He also likes to play with a variety of colors, textures and diversity in style.

“I will preach with my brush”


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