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Hi friend! You have landed in the art house of SpARTakos. The place to be for original wall art, textile and fabric prints and patterns, in maximalist sprinkles and pops of color. We are thrilled to have you with us. Enjoy!

The psychology of colors- Part I : Fashion

One of the first things a visitor notices about this art house is an artist celebrating color in its highest value. His visual focus in creating pieces of clothing is heavily based on the use of color and form. So, it was  a natural thing for us to investigate on the psychology of colors and their associations to human emotions for you guys. How does all that fit in with fashion and how important is it when it comes to choosing  the colors you wear? Well, you attract what you project, right? Human associations with color are driven by our […]

The psychology of colors-Part II: Interiors

The psychology of color is the study of how colors affect human emotions and  behaviors. Scientists have found that physiological changes take place in human beings when they are exposed to certain colors. Colors can stimulate, excite, depress, calm us down, increase appetite and create a feeling of warmth or coolness. This is known as chromodynamics. In home design, color is a powerful tool that can be used to inspire emotions, create space illusions or simply set the mood and atmosphere for any particular room. In both interior and exterior design, color psychology is an interesting way to create a […]


3 Summer Favourite Spots

Living in Greece means summertime is an important part of your life. There are literally thousands of summer favorite spots to choose from and visit, in an amazing variety of landscapes. The list is endless… Here’s a few spots that inspire  SpARTakos  and some facts about them… Navagio Beach , Zakynthos Island The whole story here started in 1980, when a ship carrying an illegal cargo of cigarettes sunk due to terrible weather conditions. At first, the locals feared environmental disaster, but when the ship was washed ashore, one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet was formed. The […]