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Hello to all art lovers! On this blog you will find curated dives into the fascinating worlds of art and fashion , plus any news about SpARTakos and his creative process. If you like our thing, you know what to do. Keep it up!

Wall Art Prints

Here’s a selection of SpARtakos wall art for winter inspiration to transform any  space into a living space.

The psychology of colors- Part one: Fashion

One of the first things a visitor notices about the SpARTakos art house is a brand celebrating color in its highest value. The artist’s visual focus in creating pieces of clothing is heavily based on the use of color and form. So, it was  a natural thing for us to […]


A fresh look on SpARTakos art wear

Craving for some color on your art wear? Head over to our Shop  and let us know what you think. Keep it up! The SpARTakos web team

No excuse for bullfights- And some historical truths

Socio- historical issues have always been a major concern of artists. A lot has been said through the ages about the controversial tradition of bullfights in hispanic cultures. The supporters of this brutal “game” claim it is deeply rooted in their tradition, going back to ancient times, during the Minoan […]

No excuse for bullfighting,SpARTakos, 2017

Indiewalls winner of Architizer Awards 2017

We couldn’t be happier to announce that our partner Indiewalls, based in New York, has won both the Jury and Popular Prize at the Architizer Awards 2017, in the category of innovative apps and design services. The Architizer A+Awards is the largest awards program focused on promoting and celebrating the […]

Indiewalls winner of Architizer Awards 2017

New digital art in wall art section

As we’re well in the middle of springtime and the weather doesn’t seem to realize and get warmer ( yes, even in Greece…), we thought we might inject a splash of color today to make us all feel better. So, here is some recent digital art by SpARTakos, first time […]

The tree of life, Digital painting by SpARTakos

The astonishing street art of Athens, Greece

Street art is thriving more than ever globally. From strictly graffiti tags and slogans to elaborate large scale murals, there is an insatiable need by artists to get public spaces to speak for their people. Why is there such a creative boom on the streets of Athens and what does […]

Praying Hands by Pavlos Tsakonas

Where art meets fashion: A brief history

Art is an interdisciplinary form of expression and fashion is one of the endless inspired gateways to express it. Besides, what else is fashion if not an urge to “decorate” the body, rather than a space. This interrelation has intrigued artists and fashion designers over the years, who by collaboration, […]

Brigitte Bardot in Paco Rabanne
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